“Who knows what women can be when they are finally free to become themselves? Who knows what women's intelligence will contribute when it can be nourished without denying love?” 
― Betty FriedanThe Feminine Mystique

Hey, I'm Ellen. Welcome to my site, Women of Dubuque

I grew up surrounded by women. I have three younger sisters and my mother always told us we could be whatever we want to be if we worked hard and set our mind to it. I never considered myself "less-than" because I am a woman.

Unfortunately, the world isn't like that. There are constant examples every single day of women being treated differently, getting paid less, getting harassed, and so much more. It can be incredibly disheartening. 

But, I've found hope in women. I've lived in Dubuque for 9 years and over those years, I've found some breathtakingly outstanding women. Women who are making a difference. Women who are standing up for their rights. Women who believe that Dubuque can be an even better place. 

So, I encourage you to read their stories and study their photos. Understand the women who are helping to make their community more inclusive, more loving, and more equal. 

These are the women of Dubuque.

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